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Crime and Break-ins

Crime and Break Ins

Several cars and homes have been broken into in the surrounding area. Be aware of strange behaviors or noises in the neighborhood. Most of the crimes in Annandale Acres were car break ins. Although, a video was posted on Nextdoor of a man trying to enter the backdoor of a home. Most crimes happen late at night around 3P.M.

From Nextdoor:

The Franconia District Station would like to inform the community about recent burglary series that have occurred in the district. The back door of the residences were kicked in at the locations.

Please be vigilant for any suspicious activity in your communities, and PLEASE do not hesitate to call our non emergency number (703) 691-2131 to file a report. If it is an emergency please dial (911) and report the activity.

JUST Note: A SUV crossover could potentially be involved unknown color of model


* Trim your hedges, bushes, and trees

* Put tall ladders away

* Secure your windows and doors

* Secure your garages and sheds

* Store valuables away from windows

* Don't flaunt recent expensive purchases

* Set up interior lights on an automatic timer

* Set up motion-activated exterior lights

* Enlist in help of neighbors to keep an eye out

* Use fake security or dog signs if you're on a budget

* Use home automation apps when you're away

* Invest in a security system if you can.

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