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Special Pickup for Trash

The amount of material the county will pick up has changed to 3' X 6'

Special Pickup

This information applies to COUNTY collection customers who receive trash and recycling collection from Fairfax County Government (about ten percent (10%) of residents in Fairfax County receive this service). If you receive services from a PRIVATE collector, contact them directly for information. Unsure if you are a county collection customer? Visit "Does Fairfax County Pick Up My Trash?"ANNOUNCEMENTS To receive email updates, subscribe to Fairfax County Trash/Recycling Collection E-Updates. To see all customer recycling and trash collection announcements, see Details ->

INCLUDED SERVICE Your service includes 5 FREE special collections per customer, per fiscal year (July 1 - June 30). You must schedule special collections (Freon, brush/limbs, bulk, electronic waste, and metal) in advance.

SPECIAL PICKUP INSTRUCTIONS Special Pickups will be limited to 2 cubic yards, or the equivalent of 6 feet long x 3 feet deep x 3 feet high There will be a charge to remove piles greater than 2 cubic yards. When

  • When you schedule your Special Pickup you will see a confirmation page with the scheduled due date.

  • Set out items by 6 a.m. on the collection day.


  • Different trucks collect different types of materials. Piles should be separated by type (example: just brush or just metal, not mixed).

  • Maximum 2 cubic yards of material (a pile about 6 feet long x 3 feet deep x 3 feet high). There will be a charge for piles greater than 2 cubic yards.

  • See list of Accepted Materials. Any items not on this list will not be collected.

  • Items must be less than 6 feet long.


  • Set your items out at the curb/street line.

  • If materials are placed at a location other than the curb of your address (around the corner or across the street), include instructions in the comments field of the online form.

  • For safety reasons, there must be a 20 ft. clearance above and on all sides of special collection materials.

  • Do not place items under utility wires or tree branches.

The County is not responsible for items not intended for collection that are placed near the Special Pickup pile or for damage to or loss of personal trash containers.

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